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Memory Care Community in Mason, OH

Live close to everything that matters.

At Artis Senior Living, we believe dementia care should honor the unique journeys of each resident and celebrate every precious memory. Our team knows a person living with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia deserves a comprehensive, customized care plan that goes beyond numbers on a chart.

From their furthest memory to their favorite snack and everything else in between, our refreshingly different approach to Memory Care, near West Chester, starts with getting to know your loved one. This inspires our team to create meaningful experiences that match their interests, engage their mind, and empower them to find their voice.

Our commitment to exceptional dementia care is reflected in the happiness of our residents and team members. We’re proud to share their stories and invite you to see what they have to say about their experience in our community.

Pulling out all the stops.

Bobby was a relatively new neighbor to our Memory Care community when he and our Director of Health and Wellness, Sara, bonded over the joys of countryside living.

At one point, Bobby was responsible for more than 1,000 acres of Midwest farmland, and a big part of his life was an annual trip to the county fair to compete in the tractor pull. Bobby usually spent his free time beefing up his own tractors to pull ahead of the competition, but this would be the first time he wouldn’t be going to the fair.

When Sara heard Bobby would miss out on one his favorite experiences, she immediately sprang into action and organized a trip to the Warren County Fair.

Though Bobby was reluctant to go, as he was adjusting to using a wheelchair, Sara talked him through it and offered compassionate support throughout their trip. He delightfully shared stories about the many generations of farmers in his family, and reminisced about previous fairs (and tractor pull wins) he experienced with his children. Bobby even enjoyed a delicious treat, to which he said, “Nothing beats a corn dog at the fair!”

Betty’s grocery stores.

Though Cincinnati is a big city, Betty and her husband had two neighborhood IGA grocery stores in Delhi and Price Hill that radiated friendly, small-town charm. When you shopped at Betty’s grocery stores, everyone knew your name.

As our Director of Life Enrichment, Stephanie, learned more, she found out Betty ran the bakery, and her husband took charge of the meat and deli counters. She found photos of Betty’s store from years ago, and displayed them on the big screen TV in our Community Room. Stephanie shared Betty’s story with fellow neighbors and associates, and even played a few IGA commercials.

At first, Betty shied away from the spotlight. However, her friendly neighbors were so happy to learn more about her story that she quickly let her personality shine. Betty joyfully answered questions on how to run a successful grocery store and engaged in vibrant conversations about her stores.

As she passed out fresh plums to her neighbors, Betty shared her lifelong philosophy: “Treat the customer right.” We couldn’t agree more, but the neighbors who live in our Memory Care community are much more than customers—they’re family!

Building meaningful relationships and more.

Jake, our former Director of Enrichment Services, had a great relationship with almost every neighbor in our community. After getting to know their interests, he decided to share his passion for building wooden furniture.

He set up a meeting for interested residents in our Town Hall and asked what they wanted to build. Many were just excited to work with their hands, and simply couldn’t decide what they wanted to build. However, after some group discussion, the neighbors came to a wonderful decision: a little library for children.

From measuring and sanding to staining, painting, and collecting gently used books, residents took part in nearly every step of the process. They added casters, so it was mobile, and installed shelving to store as many books as possible.

Their hard work resulted in a picture-perfect little library that was donated to the preschool next door.

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The Artis Way

The Artis Way is more than how we do our work. It’s the lighthouse that guides us in supporting our residents, their families, our associates, and the long-term viability of our company. These five core values help us set a high standard for quality, safety, and well-being every day.

A = All Together
We believe that teamwork, accountability, and mutual respect create an environment where everyone is motivated to be and do their best. We understand interdependence and consider the impact of business decisions on residents, associates, families, local partners, and owners.

R = Radiate Positivity & Compassion
We recognize that our attitudes directly affect our residents and each other. We know positivity is integral to holistic well-being and is a collective effort, shared and amplified by associates, residents, families, and our local partners alike. We support residents and each other in building resilience, helping residents to navigate the challenges of aging and dementia with warmth and tenderness.

T = Thoughtfulness Wins
We think before we act, because we are ultimately responsible for our actions and decisions. We exhibit empathy and integrity. We strive to know and honor each other’s stories and to make each moment meaningful. We exhibit behavior that inspires others to do what’s right for our residents, their families, and our associates.

I = Inspired Well-Being
We believe that optimal well-being can be achieved at any age, and we aim to create an environment that encourages individuality and independence. We believe that the right mix of sleep, nutrition, natural light, movement, meaningful relationships, and opportunities for play are the secret to living an inspired and present life.

S = Strive To Be Better
We know that while we pride ourselves on what we do, continuous improvement is how we maintain an Artis level of quality. We know that profitability allows us to maintain our promises to residents and families. We embrace change, nimbly adapt from failures, and frequently celebrate successes.

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Larger NRC Health Customer Approved Award

“Resident Peter moved to Artis at 101 years old and has since celebrated two birthdays with us.”